Leykun Girma

Contemporary Artist

Welcome and Thank You for visiting Leykun art.  “Art is something that makes someone travel on his/her own free way.” I look for inspiration from the environment and use my imagination to create my art.


I was born on 31 march 1981 in the capital city of Ethiopia. I am a contemporarily artist currently residing in Adds Ababa, Ethiopia. I was trained in art club when I was the student of high school from 1997 to 2000.I have a diploma from ETVET College specialized by painting and also get a certificate from Addis Ababa university of Fine Arts and design. I earned a bachelor of degree from Ethiopian Orthodox Thewahedo Holy Trinity Theological University College 2019.
My main media concentration is painting. Most of the time I experimented a various technique in my studio. Over the years, I had participated in several group and solo art exhibition. I have built a small following of patrons from my work of art. My art work is very personal to me. Sometimes I am influenced as an artist by personal experiences other time my work of art is a result of my limitless imagination and creativity. I place high standards upon myself and my works. I am also participated a lot of place inside the country also abroad.

ለይኩን ግርማ

“Art is something that makes someone travel on his/her own free way.”


Clay Burning

Separation of the Society

Alternate of the Generation

Separation of the Society


Fare Well


E-Mail: leykungirma@gmail.com,

P.O.Box 54815

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia