Leykun Girma

Contemporary Artist

Welcome and Thank You for visiting Leykun art.  “Art is something that makes someone travel on his/her own free way.” I look for inspiration from the environment and use my imagination to create my art.


Leykun Girma, born in 1973 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has had a lifelong passion for art. Before attending art schools, Leykun worked in his own studio and alongside his friends at Atrons. In 1996, he obtained a certificate in art and design from Addis Ababa University’s School of Art and Design. He furthered his education in painting by earning a diploma from Entoto Technical and Vocational Training College’s art department in 2001.

Leykun’s artwork draws inspiration from his upbringing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The rich culture, faith, politics, and philosophy of life within his community have greatly influenced his artistic style. Through his artwork, Leykun aims to create a visual record of his daily experiences, using colors to express emotions and ideas.

His paintings often explore themes such as culture, faith, history, patriotism, politics, and the philosophy of life. Whether through realistic or semi-realistic styles, Leykun narrates these themes on canvas. Over the past 21 years, he has dedicated himself to being a full-time artist, continuously experimenting with different artistic techniques.

Leykun’s artwork has been showcased in numerous group and solo exhibitions both within Ethiopia and internationally. Some notable exhibitions include the 2007 Alliance Ethio-France exhibition, the 2012 Ethiopia National Museum exhibition, the 2012 exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, the 2016 Lafto Art Gallery exhibition, the 2019 Kenya Gravity Art Gallery exhibition, and the upcoming 2022 Abrak Art Gallery exhibition.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Leykun also volunteers as an art educator at Entoto Vocational and Technical Art Department, where he shares his knowledge and passion with aspiring artists.

ለይኩን ግርማ

“Art is something that makes someone travel on his/her own free way.”


Clay Burning

Separation of the Society

Alternate of the Generation

Separation of the Society


Fare Well


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia