ለይኩን ግርማ

Personal Address

Mob +251-911-464811
P.O.Box 54815 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Educational Background

  • Certificate earned during 1997 and 2000 in the high school art club.
  • Attended Addis Ababa University Ale school of fine arts and design that graduated in 2002–2004.
  • Fine arts diploma with a specialization on painting from Entoto Technical and Vocational Training College, awarded between 2007 and 2009.
  • An Ethiopian Orthodox Thewahedo Holy Trinity Theological University College bachelor’s degree 2019.
  • I will be teaching second-year painting students at the E/T/V/E/T College fine arts department from 2021 to 2023.
  • A member at the Ethiopian Visual Arts Association.
  • A co-founder and member of Abrak Art Gallery, found at

Selected Group Exhibition

  • 2003 at Pushkin/Russian Cultural Center.
  • 2004 at Habesha Art Gallery;
  • 2005 at Habesha Art Gallery; Selected Group Exhibition
  • 2007 at the Alliance Ethio-Frances
  • 2007 at Addis Abeba University Ale School of Fine Arts & Design
  • 2008 At in Timeret Le-Hiwot Ethiopia Association Art Gallery
  • 2008’s “Addis Ababa Art Exhibition For Ethiopian Millennium” was organized by the ECA and UNESCO.
  • 2009 Exhibition of Fine Arts at Entoto Technical and Vocational Training College
  • 2010 at the Haile G/Selasse Hotel the second branch of Habesha Art Gallery
  • 2010 Timeret Le-Hiwot Ethiopia Association Art Gallery Cartoon Art Exhibition
  • 2011 Ethiopia National Theater Art Gallery
  • 2011 Cartoon Art Exhibition in Nikat Art Gallery
  • 2011 “Art of Ethiopia 2011” at the Sheraton Addis.
  • 2012m “Yetibeb Ashara” was displayed in the National Museum Art Gallery.
  • 2012 “Free Art Felega II” was held in Hamburg, Germany.
  • 2012 Nikat Art Gallery hosted a Cartoon Art Exhibition.
  • 2012 (ENAID), (ILO), and (FENAPD) organized an art exhibition event at the Hilton Hotel.
  • 2012 “Art of Ethiopia 2012” was held in Sheraton Addis.
  • 2013 Sheraton Addis With the title “Art of Ethiopia 2013”
  • 2013 Timret Le Hiwot Ethiopia Association Art Gallery Cartoon Art Exhibition
  • 2014 at Ethiopian National Museum Art Gallery in titled “Fine Arts Section”.
  • 2014 Ethiopia National Museum Art Gallery Titled “Renaissance Dam”
  • 2014 In Radisson Blue Hotel Titled “Hiber 1”
  • 2014 In Monarch Hotel Titled “Hiber 2”
  • 2016 In Laphto Art Gallery Titled “Hexagon”
  • 2018 In Ethiopian Millennium Hell Prepared by Ethiopian Visual Art Association.
  • 2019, Timret Le Hiwot Ethiopia and ATRONUS Art Studio organized a cartoon artwork with the title “Migration” at the GIZ art gallery.
  • 2019 At Gravit Art Gallery In Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 2019 “Art of Ethiopia 2019” was hosted in the Sheraton Addis Hotel.
  • 2019 at St. George Art Gallery titled “Contemporary Art Exhibition”
  • 2020 The online platform Art and About Africa, which is committed to assisting artists residing and working throughout the African Continent, created the crowd-funded art initiative
  • 2020 I Participated in Art: An Essential Need (Arten). This crowdfunding campaign aims to right away give emergency grants to African artists.
  • 2021 Group Art Exhibition by Moroccan and Ethiopian Artists on Saturday 30 October 2021 At St. George Golla Art Gallery.
  • 2022 AOA group art exhibition by Eleven Ethiopian Artists collaboration SHARE-PLUS with Abrak Art Gallery December 2022.
  • 2023 Imagine Rotary Addis ART EXHIBITION District Wide Charity Event Gathering artists from around the District in raising funds for “END POLIO for GOOD” On 23rd Feb – 4th Mar
  • 2023 Addis Ababa, Alliance Ethio-Française.
  • 2023 Hibir art group prepared the 5th ‘1888’ ADWA annual group art exhibition at Abrak Art Gallery on February 25, 2023.
  • 2023 the “AFRICAN IDENTITY ART EXHIBITION “was organized by the AFRICA DAY INITIATIVE / ADI from May 22-25/2023 at UN/ECA( Economic Commission for Africa) Hall.
  • 2023 in A Group Art Exhibition By 35 Prominent Ethiopian Artists, At the Ethiopian Metropolitan Art Gallery. December 8th

Selected One-Men Exhibitions

  • 2006 Intitule “Culture and Environment” In Habesha Art Gallery
  • 2008 Intitule “Green Beauty” In Temret Le-Heiwot Ethiopia Art Gallery
  • 2011 Intitule “Sabawi” In Ethiopia National Theatre Art Gallery

Selected Events and Workshops

  • 2008, the workshop “Free Art Felega II” was organized by the German Cultural Center /Goethe-Institut/.
  • 2009, Temret Le-Heiot Association collaborated with Atronus Art Studio to organize the first “Kilos Street Art” workshop to educate the public about HIV/AIDS.
  • 2010, Atronus Art Studio organized a second workshop titled “Kilos Street Art” in collaboration with Rotary Clubs, with the same goal as the first workshop.
  • 2010 the workshop was titled ABRO ETHIOPIA ARTISTS CAPACITY BUILING WORKSHOP. Abro Ethiopia and the Asni Art Village Team of the Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba coordinated the event.
  • 2012, the “ICASA” Workshop was held in Millennium Hall.
  • 2019, he will be teaching art students at ENTOTO TVET College’s Fine Arts (painting) department.
  • 2020 The Workshop Titled “FREE ART FELEGA” Disrupt Master Project with City of Berlin Support via the Senate Department of Culture. And from Germany, a work display with a virtual exhibition for the entire world.
  • August 26, 2022, SHAREPLUS, a Korean enterprise company, collaborated with ETHIOPIAN VISUAL ARTISTS at the Hilton Hotel in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Workshop on the “Fair Trade” of “Art”


The Chemical Society of Ethiopia Certificate

3rd place at the third chemistry open day competition held on February 24, 2001

Adiss Ababa University

Ale school of fine arts & design evening division, 2nd place from the graduates on 27-July-2004.

ETVET College Fine Arts Department

Won awards for the majority of the outcomes attained by the section’s graduates, on 27-8-2009.

International Art Contest by Sweety Saradha Arts

2nd place category artistic adults in the international art contest on oct 4th 2020.

Africa Day Initiative

Your Outstanding Contribution on Africa Day “African Identity” Art Exhibition 2023.




Sheraton Addis Hotel

From The fourth Art of Ethiopia Exhibition Tittle-Sacrifice

Acrylic on canvas   |   Size-90cm x 110cm   |   2011

Foreign Affairs Ministry Of Kenya Amina Mohamed 2012

Eleven Art Works

Imago Mundi

The Art of Humanity – Rome Ethiopia: Selamta Ethiopia Exhibited at Rome Materials Acrylic on canvas

Title: Ethiopian Color 2012

Ethiopian Airlines

Tittle: ADWA  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  Size 120cm x 90cm  |  2021

Tittle: DALLOL  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  Size 120cm x 90cm  |  2021

Zemen Bank


Acrylic on Canvas  |  Size 70cm x 70cm  |  2019


Acrylic on Canvas  |  Size 40cm x 90cm  |  2019

Ethiopian National Museum


Acrylic on Canvas  |  Size 50cm x 50cm  |  2023

Ethiopian Heritage Authority.



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Online Magazine
Who is painter Leykun Girma?

Tsehai Publishers

African Academy Press in Los Angeles International Journal of Ethiopian Studies Vol. XII, No.2, Special issue 2018 Cover credit: “the rest woman” 2017 Size:65cmX65cm, painting type (acrylic on canvas)



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